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HOA Humor #001 – Stepping Stone Frisbee Video

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Your HOA Homeowners & Residents Care About Customer Experience, Too

neighborhoody customer service homeowners associations hoa websites customer experience

Want to be a leader in your marketplace? Then you must invest in customer experience, period. Investing in customer experience guarantees a positive ROI. Why is the customer experience so important to invest in these days? Well, with the amount of competition in every industry and time becoming more and more valuable, the focus is […]

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Leverage Technology to Save your Community Association Time Blog Community Association HOA - Your HOA Community Member’s Most Valued Asset is Time

How did you feel the last time you ordered something online and had to wait longer than 2 days for it to arrive? Time is much more valuable than we might think – especially as the world continues to evolve and move faster each day. Time is a resource. And unlike other resources that you […]

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Why Transparency = Increased Trust in Community Associations (HOAs)

Increase trust in community associations and HOAs - neighborhoody @neighborhoody

Since when did a random car driven by a stranger requested through a mobile app on our phones become more trustworthy than the neighbor next door? People trust the internet and apps, the endless stream of digital content, and the people they meet online more than they trust their neighbors next door. Why is that? […]

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Workplace Generational Divide: Who’s better? neighborhoody @neighborhoody

Is a majority of one generation within the workplace better than the other? Why are we even arguing who is better? Instead, we should be leveraging strengths instead of arguing about weaknesses. I’ve been hearing a lot of conversation circling around which generation should be considered the “alpha” in the workforce. Is it the Baby […]

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