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Is the Subscription Economy Increasing the Amount of Tenants in HOA’s?

Subscription Economy Driving Increased Rental Property in Community Associations and HOAs neighborhoody @neighborhoody

The increase of rental property throughout community associations and HOA’s is on the rise, there’s no doubt. And just because you’re a “tenant”, doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t care. When is the last time you bought a DVD? How about the last time you bought a CD? The preference of buying and selling goods and […]

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Our Manifesto – What We’re Building

Our Manifesto What Were Building Neighborhoody neighborhoody @neighborhoody

We’re building Neighborhoody to simplify the way local communities and their organizations connect with and engage residents. Deep Roots I’m the fourth generation to work in a family owned & operated real estate business. My family’s business has fluidly shifted through multiple segments of the industry since the 1930’s, staking a claim in planned community […]

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